Desk in General: How To

Desk is a series of tools that help council members of each community efficiently carry out their roles. Council members and the President will have access to the Desking tool and will be able to see each action made to affect the community.

Here is a helpful guide to understanding the Desk and why it’s so important to your Community!

Desk in General is a tool for community-wide management. The President will have the right to access all of its functions and council members will have access depending on their role. Presidents will be able to change the header image of community, add a community introduction, and post announcements here. It is also here that Presidents can appoint editor-in-chiefs and other council members while editor-in-chiefs can also appoint editors.


1. Accessing Desk

Access Desk by visiting your Community’s main page.

1-1. App

  • You will see the ‘More’ tab on the bottom right. 

1-2. Web

  • You will see the Go To Desk button on the top right.

 Here you can access Desk in General (which we are explaining right now!) and Card Desk!

2. Setting Cover Image

As President, you’re able to change the cover image of your Community.

2-1. App


  • To do this, tap on the Camera image on the bottom right corner of the Cover image.
  • Try to choose one that is all encompassing, not super specific :)

2-2. Web


  • To do this, tap on the Camera image on the bottom right corner of the Cover image.
  • Try to choose one that is all encompassing, not super specific :)

A. Setting The Cover Image

A-1. In App



A-2. In Web


Because the Commons dimensions are different on a computer screen and a phone, you are able to set the cover image differently for App and Web so that it looks great on both!

Choose “App Version” to set the image that will show up on your mobile app, and “Web Version” to set up what it will look like on a computer!


B. Setting The Cover Image

You can move the cropping tool to fit the perfect part of your image to show up in the Community Commons.

Please note that the image will have a slight filter on it to make it easier to see text over it (example above)


3. Setting Introduction

3-1. In App


3-1. In Web


As President, you can set the Community Introduction which will help new members understand just what this community is all about! Be descriptive and make your Community inviting to encourage new Vinglers to join! You have up to 500 characters~


4. Setting Notice Card

4-1. In App


4-2. In Web


Another role as President, is setting Notice cards.

Has something exciting happened to your community? Any news or events going on you want the Community to know about? Simply enter the URL of the Card you want to add (you can access this by choosing to “Share” the Card, and you can copy the link) and you’re set. It will show up as an announcement in Commons.


5. Appointing Editors

Presidents also have the ability to appoint a team of Editors to help lead the Community together. This feature will be added to Desk in General soon, but until then you can can request Editors be added by visiting the Vinglers Community.  

How to Request Editors to be Added

  • Visit Vinglers Community
  • Go to Talk and find our Public Chat Room (here)
  • Type: I’d like to appoint “@username” as '# community editor' for (name of your Community)
  • We will check the request and appoint the Editor if there are no problems!

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