Card Desk: How To

* Please be sure your Android and iOS app is updated to the latest version.
* Please be sure to turn on notifications for smooth community operation.
* Talk to council members about your community in the private Council Talk in Desk in General. 


Card Desk is a tool for managing Cards. When a card is submitted to a Community it is reviewed by the team of Editors in Desk. The Editors make sure there is no inappropriate content (spam, irrelevant, violent, sexual), and vote to accept or reject the card. The authors ID is hidden to make sure there is no bias. Check up on our content policy for more information.


Here’s a helpful guide on how to use the Card Desk!


1. Accessing Card Desk

1-1. In App


  • To access the Card Desk, visit your Community’s main page, the Commons.
  • On the bottom right you will see ‘More.’ There you can access Desk in General and Card Desk.

1-2. In Web



  • To access the Card Desk, visit your Community’s main page, the Commons.
  • On the top right you will see Go To Desk.’ There you can access Desk in General and Card Desk.


2. Reading the Card Desk

2-1. In App


2-2. In Web


The Card Desk shows all the Cards submitted to your Community. After the President and Editors vote on a Card, it will show up labeled as either Rejected or Accepted. It will also say whether or not the Card was decided to be featured

3. Voting For Cards

3-1. In App


3-2. In Web



As an Editor or President, you must look at each Card and decide if it is Appropriate for your Community or not. If the Card is Appropriate, your next option is to vote on whether it should also be Featured in the Community.


4. Rejecting a Card

4-1. In App


4-2. In Web


As Editor, you can also vote to Reject a Card that is Inappropriate. When you vote that a Card is Inappropriate, you must then specify why. Choose from the pop up menu and submit.


5. Creating a Label

5-1. In App


5-2. In Web


As President, you are able to create Labels, or ways to organize and curate the Community’s Cards. To create one, tap the tab on the bottom right of a Card. You can either choose to add the Card to an already-made Label, or create a brand new one! The Community can then access that Label and see all the Cards!  


6. Community Activity Log

6-1. In App


6-2. In Web


Community Activity Log records and shares all decisions and actions of the community transparently in chronological order, from each approval or rejection of a Card to when the Community header image was changed, to who became Editor and more.

No one can manipulate or tamper with this history or delete any events. The Community Activity Log starts with the name of the first president, our Pioneer, who took the responsibility to care for the community for first time.

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